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New Sports City Complex for Cobresal

The Cobresal Sports Club is located in the heart of the Atacama Desert, in the city of El Salvador. From its mining and industrial roots, the club has established itself as one of the most successful football clubs in northern Chile in recent decades.

The challenge of this project is to transform the image of the current Cobresal sports complex from the reconstruction of the facilities that support the complex, from a new building for the Marquee to the creation of a new Hotel to accommodate athletes who visit the complex.

Project Type: Public Infrastructure /Sports and Hotel Infraestructure

Render Exyerior hotel Nocturno.jpg

Imagen: New Hotel for the New Sports City Complex for Cobresal

The Current Complex

Cobresal currently plays at home at the El Cobre stadium, which is a class B stadium with capacity for approximately 11,000 spectators, and does not meet the basic requirements of CONMEBOL in terms of infrastructure.

The complex has 2 multi-courts and a series of consistiners that host the programs of local soccer players: locker rooms, bathrooms, kinesiology, jacuzzis and more. This precarious infrastructure is unsafe, anachronistic, and does not honor the historical and sporting tradition that the Cobresal Sports Club represents.


The inhabitants of the city of El Salvador and the club's fans deserve a decent stadium capable of taking over Cobresal's home stadium for football mega-events.

Conceptual Architecture Proposal
Render acceso Buses y Gimnasio.jpg

To maintain the locality base of this team at the El Cobre stadium, it is essential to raise its facilities to the highest level, but also to provide safe and comfortable spaces, controlled access and territorial order. This is how the Cobresal team can provide its citizens and fans with the best space in the city.

To achieve this, we have designed a Master Plan for the New Sports City of Cobresal: a closed space where the sports program interacts with the administrative program, surrounded by a desert landscape that frames the terrain and gives space to different thematic squares at the service of the local community.

Imagen: Controlled Access to the new El Cobre Stadium

The Masterplan.

The Master Plan developed for the new Cobresal Sports City involves a program ring that closes the stadium, with an athletic pool, a hotel to accommodate visiting athletes, a gym for local athletes, ressing rooms, bathrooms and administrative offices. The entrances to the gym are also formalized through large wooden gateways, which generate control to access the program and the stadium; besides to generating order in the territory.

In addition to delimiting the land of the new City of Cobresal, it is proposed to have three thematic plazas that surround the parking areas and that are open in a controlled way to the community of the city of El Salvador: The "Square of the Shadows", the "Cobresal Park" and finally a "Bike Park", both of the latter set for wheel sports that encourage the community to diversify in sports and enrich the quality of the Sports City of the city of El Salvador.

Planta general completa.jpg
New Controlled Access Porticos to the El Cobre Stadium
Administrative Offices for the New City of Cobresal
New Meeting Room and Terrace New Meeting Room and Terrace for the multi-courts of the new sports city of Cobresal
New Marquee for Cobresal

New Buildings 

Along with this programming ring, two new projects are also being developed:

  •  The new stadium Marquee.

  • A new meeting and leisure point: the Meeting Room and Terrace that controls and relates the two existing multitracks.

Both projects are accompanied by a system of desert landscape trays that bridge the differences in the terrain.

The entire program is developed in Laminated Wood, taking up the industrial construction tradition of the mining north of our country. This material not only offers added value in terms of warmth and quality, but also allows consistent savings in construction times and classifies the work as a Sustainable City.

These buildings, together with the new Cobresal Hotel, will be the new presentation image of the city of El Salvador, they will honor the sports city and will be destined to be the best places within the city, because they not only provide elegance and comfort, but they also will be the investment and facilities that the citizen of El Salvador deserves.

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