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For Ukraine

In March 2022 we were invited to be part of an International Team of Consultants to participate in the reconstruction process of the City of Irpin, which had been 70% devastated by the Russian invasion. As a result of this collaboration, the authorities of the City of Irpin invited us to work with them on the ground to support them in prioritizing this reconstruction process.

As a result of that work we were contacted by another city constantly attacked by the Russian army: the city of Chernihiv.


Today we have worked on 5 reconstruction projects in these two cities.

For Türkiye

As chilean international consultants experts in the development of Innovative Anti-Seismic Architectural and Urban Design, we are working on an intense seminar on professional and technical knowledge of Creative Anti-seismic Architectural and Engineering design under the accumulated Chilean experience for the Chamber of Commerce of Izmir, Türkiye .

On February 6, 2023, Türkiye was devastated by a 7.8 Mw earthquake. This earthquake had more than 1,000 aftershocks, leaving a total of more than 4 million buildings affected and a total of 12,141 buildings collapsed. One of the most affected cities was Izmir. This city has been a seismic epicenter on numerous past occasions and due to its sad record of millions of deaths after a seismic event, today it is in search of a new cultural model of anti-seismic construction. Due to this, the Izmir College of Architects has asked us for advice to guide the reconstruction process and new anti-seismic construction of the city.

The objective of these Workshops is to show the main aspects that have constituted the Chilean anti-seismic experience accumulated in architectural design and how this experience has allowed the gradual construction of the most effective and successful culture of anti-seismic architectural design in the world.


In this sense, share our construction philosophy through the selection of architectural works representative of the new conceptual architectural lines that have a strong impact on anti-seismic design strategies and that demonstrate that their requirements and demands are not an impediment to the development of architectural works of great artistic and creative quality.

Izmir Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Thought Group Chile

This workshop y supported by the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, and we worked collaboratively with prestigious Chilean centers and companies that are leaders in anti-seismic technology and construction worldwide:

Sirve in collaboration with Thought Group Chile
Dicutc in collaboration with Thought Group Chile

For Chile

New sports City Complex for the Cobresal Sports Club.

On-going projects

Other Projects


As Thought Group Chile we are organizing an International Competition for Architecture and Urban Students - ICAUS.This international competition is a very special  one, about architecture and urbanism, but mainly it is about the strength of heart, soul, spirit, passion and human compassion to rebuild the Ukrainian space through the City from Irpin.

City of Irpin, The Future Horizon

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International Contest for Arquitecture and Urban Studients

After the outbreak of war, the IRS - The Irpin Reconstruction Summit Foundation, which is the foundation created especially by the City of Irpin, for the promotion, collection of funds and development of reconstruction projects for this city - reached out to us with a unique opportunity to develop an international competition for architecture and urbanism students. With the support of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology, as well as the territorial intelligence center of Adolfo Ibáñez university, we embarked on the exciting contest called "City of Irpin: The Future Horizon". 

​The fundamental idea of this international contest is to build a fresh, creative, innovative, free, and spontaneous conceptual image, without professional or economic distortions, for the future, for the reconstruction of a city that has been destroyed by the invasion of the Russian army.

We encourage the students to think and imagine a new city as a phoenix rising from the ashes: deeply rooted in its customs and traditions; a careful and respectful city with its natural, sustainable, ecological, and green environment, which aspires to enhance its status as a happy city, a city of life, work, rest, recreation, culture, well-being, and peace.

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