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Proposal the Master Plan of the new City of Irpin

Project Type: Public Infrastructure /Remodeling

The experience after developing the Memorial Project and the New Public Library for the city of Irpin, in addition to the visit made to the city in June 2023, where we articulate a continuous process of review and discussion between its authorities and the local community; has allowed us to better understand several essential codes to decode the reality of Irpin's specific urban environment, its scale and cultural, social and emotional identity.

With this basis, we have developed a collaborative work with Gensler for the proposal of the Master Plan for the city of Irpin.

In the city of Irpin there are some essential cultural, historical, social and emotional elements that have to do with a deep need for liberation from everything related to the terrible heritage of Soviet spaces, and the proposal of the city's Master Plan must rediscover , release and enhance the true oppressed identity of this specific community.

Elements such as transparency, fluidity, continuity and homogeneity of the environment with its natural space and urban spaces, need to be powerfully intertwined, fused, because they are part of the essential way of life for the people of the city of Irpin.

In the case of this Master Plan, we have incorporated these essential elements in 5 urban points that reflect the cultural and social identity of the city and the inhabitants of Irpin.

Master PLan Proposal for the City of Irpin

First: A powerful Nature Green Ring.

The construction of a powerful nature green ring belt in the area bordering the banks of the Irpin and Bucha Rivers, consolidating them as a single and continuous large urban ring road park that surrounds the entire city, its neighborhoods, and its new extension urban areas, connected by new recreation parks, sports, cultural and social spaces and integrating this fantastic idea of the creation of the urban Hero’s Gates, proposed by Gensler. So, the architectural image is considering City of Irpin as a green urban island protected by nature.

Second: Astrategic Network of Large Underground Urban Shelters.

The develop of a strategic network of large underground urban shelters to protect the city's population, which are very well interconnected with the city's transportation system, and located at strategic points, especially in parks and squares, to also provide the protection by its existing trees.

This network of underground shelters will not only provide the citizens of Irpin with an organized and orderly protection space in case they are attacked, but also with psychological tranquility in the event of an event like that.

Shelters Underground Networks

Third: An interconnected Communication System of Ciclovías and Running paths.

Build an interconnected communication system of ciclovías and running paths linking the existing parks and squares in the city and add a new network of squares and parks generated by the demolition of the old Soviet prefab high-rise apartment buildings destroyed of damaged, so hated by the Irpin community, transforming them in a new place of life and recreation.

Shelters conected by streets.jpg

Fourth: a urban strip in the current Train Station.

Develop of an urban strip made up by the area of the city's train station as the main area of commercial development and transportation of the city, (there is the station, its largest supermarket, the small central Mall adjacent to it and the new pedestrian beautiful civic path which connects with the Civic Central Square and the main institutional and administrative buildings) gathering all the largest and most important points of transport and trade related to the City of Kiev and the Airport.

Shelters conected by streets and parks.jpg

Fifth: 3 main Urban Thematic Streets:

The strategic development of 3 main urban thematic streets: the Soborna Street, as the main public hi street and transportation axis of the city, Consolidating Vulytsya Severynivska street as the new Hi street of creativity and innovation and Prov. Hlinky street as the new Forrest’s Nature Green Line.

Interractive poinst uin the system.jpg
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